Zambia reports 60% increase in revenue collection, govt attributes growth to use of artificial intelligence


The Zambian government has reported a significant 60 percent increase in revenue collection by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) over the past two years, attributing this success to the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Felix Mutati, Minister of Technology and Science, highlighted AI’s pivotal role in enhancing ZRA’s capacity for revenue collection and improving tax compliance.

Speaking during a lecture on AI at the University of Lusaka Silverest Campus in Chongwe District, Mutati indicated the importance of embracing AI, noting its wide-ranging benefits across justice, business, security, and agriculture sectors.

Mutati underscored AI’s potential to facilitate justice by enabling real-time translation of court proceedings for individuals who do not understand English, thus ensuring fair legal processes.

Furthermore, Mutati disclosed AI’s capability in weather prediction, aiding the country in preparing for adverse conditions like floods and droughts.

On digital infrastructure, Mutati announced that Zambia had successfully connected seven of its eight neighboring countries to fiber optic networks, with Mozambique set to be connected by the end of June.

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This initiative aims to enhance digital connectivity, fostering a conducive environment for business and commerce.

ZRA Commissioner-General, Dingani Banda, highlighted AI’s role in automatic fraud detection, enabling faster analysis of importers and exporters to detect fraudulent activities.

At the University of Lusaka, Vice Chancellor Professor Pinalo Chifwanikeni, said there was need for Zambia to adopt short, medium and long-term measures for effective AI implementation.

He echoed government sentiments on AI’s potential contributions to sectors like energy and agriculture.

The implementation of AI initiatives underscored Zambia’s commitment to leveraging technology for economic development and improved governance.

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