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Zambian activist highlights ongoing threats to media freedom on World Press Freedom Day (video)


As the world commemorates World Press Freedom Day on Friday, a youth activist from the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) sheds light on the continued challenges facing the media landscape in Zambia.

Given Chifunda Moyo, YWCA Provincial Coordinator for the Southern Province, shares her analysis of the media environment in Zambia, emphasizing that the press still faces significant obstacles to operating independently.

Moyo pointed out that journalists and media houses were often targeted and threatened by those in power for publishing articles perceived critical of their policies or actions.

“In my opinion, we still face significant challenges. In the past, we witnessed journalists and media outlets being shut down for airing content that was deemed unfavorable to the government,” Moyo explained in an exclusive interview with the Zambia Monitor.

She highlighted the fear among journalists and citizens alike, noting recent instances where individuals were threatened for expressing their views on social media platforms.

Despite the enactment of media-friendly laws by the current government, Moyo observed that these laws were not always enforced.

“Following the elections, new media laws were introduced.
However, we continue to see individuals being threatened with arrest or cautioned for expressing their opinions or publishing certain articles,” she stated.

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Moyo acknowledged the assurances from President Hakainde Hichilema that his administration would not interfere with the media’s operations.

However, she underscored the persistence of external interference that contradicts the president’s stance.

“While we appreciate the president’s commitment to media independence, there are still instances of interference from other quarters,” Moyo concluded .

The activist’s insights highlight the ongoing struggle for media freedom in Zambia, underscoring the need for concerted efforts by all stakeholders to safeguard press freedom and ensure a vibrant media landscape in the country.

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