Tech giants, startups to gather in Marrakech for conference on Artificial Intelligence


Africa’s powerhouse tech showcase will feature the world’s tech titans spearheading the AI gold rush at the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Everything Expo GITEX AFRICA taking place from 29-31 May 2024 in Marrakech.

These include Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, Nvidia, and Google, along with hundreds of AI ambitious start-ups from across the globe with grand visions to change Africa via AI-infused products and services.

The AI Everything Expo would gather the brightest minds and most innovative thinkers in the field of AI at the AI Everything Conference, one of 10 powerful conference stages at GITEX AFRICA, the continent’s largest tech and start-up show.

This is contained in a statement reported by Allafrica news.

Microsoft’s recent US$1.5 billion strategic investment in G42 to accelerate AI development in growing economies such as Africa would be wdiscussed by big tech executives, government leaders, investors and tech entrepreneurs.

It would also feature Presight, G42’s big data analytics company powered by generative AI.
Lillian Barnard, President of Microsoft Africa, said AI could unlock a continent “brimming with investment opportunity.”

Barnard said Africa had long been recognised for its formidable growth prospects and AI was the long-awaited key to help unlock that potential.

“The AI-powered innovation we’re seeing today is poised to reinvent every aspect of society from healthcare to financial services, manufacturing and beyond.

“If Africa is to benefit from the paradigm shift currently sweeping the globe, we must make the promise of AI real for people and organisations across the continent – and do so responsibly. GITEX provides us with a platform to come together and work towards fulfilling that commitment,” he said.

And Adel Alsharji, the Chief Operating Officer of Presight, added that Africa was the second-fastest growing region globally in AI adoption.

Alsharji said AI could add US$13 trillion to the global economy by 2030, while the number of AI-related jobs in Africa alone was expected to grow by 200 percent by 2025.

“Africa’s AI journey is gaining momentum, and this progress highlights the continent’s readiness to explore and harness the potential of AI for driving economic growth and addressing local challenges,” he said, adding that demand for AI-related jobs would increase two-fold over the next three years.

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