Zimbabwean President, Mnangagwa, stokes tension as video emerges of him reporting Zambia to Russia’s Putin


ZIMBABWE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe has complained to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin about how Western countries are favouring Zambia and Malawi.

According to a video which has gone viral on social media, Mnangagwa reportedly told Putin that he would like Russia to exploit agricultural and mining opportunities in Zimbabwe In the meeting, Mnangagwa told Putin that the United States is strengthening its military presence in Zambia, reported.

During Thursday’s discussion, President Mnangagwa sought assistance for “defence and food security,” expressing worries about US influence in Zambia.

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He claimed the United States was “consolidating its power” there through increased security and financial aid, suggesting this aims to isolate Zimbabwe.

“You see, the West has just begun consolidating its power in Zambia, our next neighbour. You know, there was a time when Zambia and Zimbabwe were one; it was called Northern and Southern Rhodesia. It was made one by the British, but they are now separate. And the Americans are consolidating their power in that country, both in terms of security and in terms of financial support to Zambia to make sure that we feel lonely.

“But that will not change us, because we have taken a course as a people that we feel we want to be independent and we will choose our friends ourselves.

“And besides, we are independent today because most of us in the leadership trained here during our war of liberation. We got our independence because we are supported by yourselves here, and we don’t forget that history, and you don’t forget about us,” Mnangagwa told Putin.

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