ZRA launches new products to promote voluntary tax compliance


Innovative products aimed at improving voluntary tax have been launched by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

The products launched on Monday in Lusaka included the revised service charter, Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS), online taxpayer education and a toll-free line.

These are in line with the authority’s strategic plan pillar number two which puts emphasis on customer focus and collaboration, according to the ZRA Commissioner-General, Dingani Banda, during the launch.

“For customer focus and collaboration, our focus in this space is to have a satisfied and knowledgeable taxpayer population and this is the reason that we are all here today to fulfil the strategic pillar number two,” he said.

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Banda also said the introduction of the new CRMS which is deemed a state of art platform would transform how the authority would be engaging and supporting tax payers.

He explained that through harnessing the power of technology, CRMS streamlined processes, reduced response time and ensured consistency in service delivery.

“With CRMS, we now have a centralised hub for managing all customer interactions, from inquiries to issue resolution,” Banda said.

Further, Banda said the authority had also opened up access to Atingi to the public for free which as an online tax education platform spoke directly to the authority’s strategies which aimed at reducing the tax knowledge gap.

“Through Atingi, taxpayers will have access to an array of learning resources, tutorials, and interactive course modules designed to enhance their understanding of tax laws and regulations in Zambia,” he said.

Earlier, European Union Head of Social Sectors and Governance. Bogdan Stefanescu, said these innovations demonstrated ZRA’s commitment to its corporate strategic pillar of having satisfied and knowledgeable taxpayers.

Stefanescu said the introduction of CRMS was a great telling sign that ZRA sees its taxpayers as customers.

“The CRM system will help ZRA to know its customers and their needs better and develop a more meaningful and appreciative relationship. Like any good relationship, communication is vital and with this system, I believe that this will amplify communication with the taxpayers,” he said.

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