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News Extra: Lusaka taxi driver narrates experience with gay couples


Picks up two gay couples on the trot in busy Friday night shift.

“I had no idea there are so many of them in Lusaka,” a taxi driver says after a Friday night shift during which he picked up what he says were two gay couples.

The cabbie, who prefers to be identified only as Patrick, told the Zambia Monitor he picked up the couples from different night spots in Matero.

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One half of the first couple appeared to be a student, as he had to be dropped off at a university.

“The other was a much older guy, late 30s to early 40s. They were being very affectionate, very touchy feely in the back-seat, with the older guy telling his younger partner he was sad they were parting. He kept telling the younger guy over and over, “Umanimvesa bwino iwe (you make me feel good).”

Patrick said after the younger man dropped off, he had to drive the older one to an address in the PHI area where the man tried to persuade him to go into the house for a drink.

“He said he just needed company for, like 15 minutes, that he had any kind of drink I might fancy and also lots of money, if I needed any,” said Patrick.

He said he declined the offer saying he had to work as it was a busy night.

Later in the wee hours of Saturday, he picked up another two men from the same area who were behaving in almost the same fashion as the couple he had driven earlier on Friday night.

“I was shocked I had picked up two gay couples in one shift. I had no idea there were so many of them in Lusaka. In this job, you meet all sorts of characters, some pretty weird ones, but this is the first time I’ve picked up two gay couples in one night,” he said.

He added; “You read about this stuff in the newspapers or hear discussions on the radio and TV and it all sounds distant and unreal and then you have this experience that I had at the weekend and you realise this is happening right here in Zambia, in Lusaka. I was shocked,” said Patrick.

What shocked him even more was the age of the younger of the couple he picked up late Friday.

“He’s just a kid…His parents think he’s at school but he gotten involved in this gay thing. He’s being destroyed but it’s obviously about the money, the money his partner was offering me,” he said.

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