Govt denies it plans to return to quarterly template for pricing of petroleum products


Energy Minister Peter Kapala has maintained that the government has no plans to revert to quarterly fuel price reviews despite pressure from stakeholders.

“Due to sensational media reports to the contrary, I wish to restate that the New Dawn government has no plans to revert to previous ways of adjusting fuel prices after months, as that makes it hard to manage the debts owed to oil marketing companies and doesn’t make the pump price to be cost-reflective,” Kapala said.

He said at no point in “my recent media interviews” has his office said the country was going back to the quarterly review system.

“As things start, we shall continue with monthly reviews to allow consumers to only pay for true costs,” Kapala said in a post on his official social media handle on Friday.

He said the completion of the cleaning of the TAZAMA pipeline – and the subsequent use of it to transport diesel at a cheaper transportation cost would not automatically mean the country would revert to the quarterly review.

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“What we are saying is that, with the use of the pipeline, bulk purchases and bulk storage can allow for quarterly reviews because then as a country we can stock fuels for about three months and this allows us to tie the pump price to true costs,” Kapala said.

He said even then, it will simply be a consideration. And if the numbers are right, we can revert to quarterly review. Until then there is no plan to move from monthly reviews.

He, however, said the new dawn government was a listening government.

“As a result, you will recall that last month I challenged stakeholders who had been affected by the monthly review of fuel prices to make formal complaints to the government,” Kapala said.

So far, he said there was no evidence that the current monthly review of fuel prices being undertaken by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has affected the operations of any company.

The decision to continue with monthly reviews, Kapala said, was anchored on the knowledge that reverting to quarterly reviews of fuel prices will hurt the economy even further.

He maintained that reverting to the 90-days review mechanism will increase the accumulation of debt already owed to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).

“The monthly fuel pump price review mechanism may not be popular to some citizens at the moment but it will yield the intended results in the long run,” Kapala said.

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