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How a polarized political environment affects you, by Henry Muleya


Any person who has lived in Zambia since the introduction of Multiparty Democracy will definitely see we are witnessing the highest level of political polarisation.Our country now, has very few moderates.

We are experiencing what I may call political extremism. Many people may be familiar with religious extremism which makes some religious fanatics to believe killing another person will guarantee free entry into heaven.

This fundamentalism creates a scenario where people have to choose one side and no middle ground is accepted as a viable choice.

As we have seen in many places across the world, religious extremism has resulted a less stable world. Extrem violence has been experienced including records of terrorist attacks such as the one in America on September 11,2001.

Unfortunately Zambia seems to have adopted a similar approach in the political environment.Prior to the 2021 general elections we witnessed this.

The PF extremists would physically attack anyone who opposed them,by the way I was a victim of this Violence.

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In the same period the UPND as the Largest opposition Political Party labelled anyone who didn’t agree with them as sarogates of the PF.

This set the ground for the polarised political environment which we are experiencing under the rule of the New Dawn government.

As indicated earlier, this is a dangerous approach to managing our country. Political extremism is detrimental to the progress of the nation.

If this country is to make progress, those entrusted with the governance of this country need to ensure Political polarisation is eliminated by empowering institutions of governance to operate independently.

This is the only way we can guarantee progress as well as sustained peace.
I would like to encourage the Citizens of the country to avoid picking sides based on political polarity when it comes to serious national matters.

Our role as Citizens is to participate in the governance of our country by electing leaders and holding them accountable to the aspirations of the nation.

This means the Citizens should take the lead on setting the agenda of the nation while political parties compete to be the best vehicle for the delivery of the people’s aspirations.

The current scenario in our country is worrying, our people seem to have lost their ability to determine their future, we seem to have accepted to be at the mercy of politicians.

We seem not to care when our police officers are available to protect politicians while crimes go unhindered in our communities, we seem not to care when institutions which should enforce the law legitimises illegal activities, we do not seem to care when injustices are committed for as long as the injustice is on my political opponent.

This is dangerous and we need to quickly start working towards converging for national building rather than for political power gaining or consolidation.

I am afraid all signs are pointing to our country degenerating into a law comes second and power comes first.

This is a recipe for lawlessness and instability. We need to put a stop to this journey of distraction!

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