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Kitwe rally by opposition parties, a huge sigh of relief —Chitala


Veteran politician, Mbita Chitala has described as big relief the successful political rally in Kitwe organized by members of the United Kwacha Alliance(UKA).

Chitala, whose organization, People’s Pact, is pushing for good democratic governance in Zambia, said former President, Edgar Lungu, and the other members of UKA should be congratulated for holding their peaceful rally in Kitwe.

He said this in a statement on Sunday.

“We should also thank the international community particularly the Canadian High Commissioner and the outgoing British High Commissioner who finally spoke and convinced the United Party for National Development (UPND) administration to stop abusing their power of incumbency and abrogating the constitution by wantonly enabling the Zambia Police Service to prevent opposition political parties and civil society from enjoying their rights to assembly and hold processions,” Chitala said.

Without disparaging the efforts and achievements of the Kitwe rally, he said it was important for the members of the UKA to work towards uniting all Zambians including all other political parties such as the Socialist Party and others not yet in UKA as well as all civil society organizations.

Chitala accused the ruling party of making governance institutions partisan; superintending upon a system of gross abuse of power and corruption.

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“It is evident that President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND administration have exacerbated the poverty and suffering of our people by administering an ‘austere’ economic programme; divided our country by practicing tribalism, nepotism, provincialism; destroyed institutions of governance such as the Zambia Police, Judiciary, National Assembly, Electoral Commission and the Civil Service,” he alleged.

He said as UKA worked towards uniting all Zambians on the basis of One Zambia One Nation, it should encourage all Zambians that qualify, to acquire National Registration Cards(NRC) as well as register as voters.

“It is also important that the UKA considers holding a National Convention of all representatives of citizens other than the UPND and their cohorts to elect a leadership that appreciates diversity to contest the 2026 elections.,” Chitala said.

However, Chitala said UKA should not be just a movement to remove by democratic means the UPND administration but should also agree on achievable challenges.

“The UKA must now formally register the alliance in conformity with our laws and provide in its statute a clause of recall of leaders and provide for the establishment of a government of national unity to implement the agreed ideals,” he said.

Chitala proposed a range of issues to be addressed by UKA in government to remain a progressive moment such as enacting a new Multi-Party Democratic Constitution that advances the  democratic ideals thereby reducing the abuse of power by the Executive and devolves governance to the provinces and districts.

“The UKA government should undertake to address the suffocating danger of high cost of living and make essential commodities such as maize meal, electricity, transport cost, fertilizer and seeds, medicines and education costs affordable to all citizens,” the former diplomat said.

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