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New Drug Enforcement Commission boss, Banda, pledges to stay professional, resist political interference


New Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Director General, Nasson Banda, has pledged to fight against graft professionally, pay a blind eye on politics and ensure tangible evidence before making arrests.

Banda said under his tenure,  the commission would only make arrests if there was tangible evidence against a particular individual.

He said  in an interview on Tuesday that cases of corruption took time to go to court people were being arrested before gathering sufficient evidence of the crime that was committed.

Banda said he would therefore fight professionally regardless of the political affiliation of the person involved provided that they were in conflict with law the long arm would pounce on them.

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“We do not to drag anybody’s name in the mud by arresting before being sure or having sufficient evidence beyond reasonable doubt that the committed a crime,” he said

He said corruption had evolved such that the people fighting the vice had to be extra careful so that they do not lose out completely.

Banda said DEC was working on recruiting more officers to strengthen the fight by having the commission presence.

“The country will witness more cases going to court after making arrests because the commission will be doing that after a through investigation,” he said.

Banda stated that said there would be less publication of cases to the media as only those that had been convinced would be announced.

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