Police records 16 deaths from 281 Christmas holiday road accidents


Police have recorded a total of 281 road traffic accidents during this year’s Christmas holiday, resulting in 16 fatalities, 71 serious injuries and 95 slight injuries.

Police Public Relations Officer, Rae Hamoonga, explained that out of the 281 accidents, 16 were fatal, causing 16 deaths, 40 were serious, leading to 71 serious injuries and 68 were slight, causing 95 slight injuries and 158 accidents which were classified as damage only.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Hamoonga highlighted a comparison with the 2022 Christmas holiday, revealing an increase from 197 to 281 recorded accidents, marking an 84-accident rise.

He noted a decrease in fatal accidents and related deaths by seven with 22 fatal accidents and 23 deaths in 2022 compared to 15 fatal accidents and 16 deaths in 2023.

Hamoonga further pointed out that in 2022, 41 slight accidents occurred, causing 58 slight injuries, compared to 68 slight accidents and 95 slight injuries in 2023, indicating a rise of 27 accidents and 37 injuries.

“Lusaka province recorded the highest number of road traffic accidents with 127, followed by Copperbelt Province with 27, Southern with 22 Central and Eastern with 19 each, Luapula with 18 Western with 17 North Western and Muchinga with 11 each and lastly Northern Province recorded the least with 9 road traffic accidents,” he revealed.

Hamoonga highlighted an increase in damage-only road traffic accidents, noting 113 incidents during the 2022 Christmas holiday compared to 158 this year, indicating a rise of 45 accidents.

Additionally, he reported that out of 931 road traffic offenses, K487,335.00 was raised in Admission of Guilty Fines, reflecting a decrease from last year’s figure of K 520,204.00 by K32,869.00.

“As guardians of public safety, we emphasize the crucial role that responsible driving plays in preventing accidents and preserving lives. The recent decline in fatal accidents is a testament to the positive impact of adhering to road safety regulations,” he added.

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