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Sampa-led group demands sack of Foriegn Affairs minister, Kakubo, for alleged corrupt practices


The African Parliamentarian Network Against Corruption (APNAC) has called for the dismissal of Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanely Kakubo, for alleged involvement in corrupt activities.

A Chinese national, identified as Zang, had released pictures and a video of Kakubo allegedly receiving $100,000 and atleast K500,000 for a mine located in Kasempa.

APNAC Chairperson, Miles Sampa, in a statement issued in Lusaka on Tuesday, stated that Kakubo should be fired unless he proved himself innocent with evidence.

“Lightening cannot be striking twice every festive season on Kakubo as relates to corruption scandals, real or perceived,” he stated.

Sampa noted that in 2022, it was Kakubo receiving a paper bag from a Chinese national at a car park at Sinoma Cement during which an alert citizen reportedly took a video and whistleblowed it on social media.

He noted that Kakubo had then claimed it was calendars inside and that Hichilema gave him benefit of the doubt.

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“Whatever the transaction surely smell of corruption. In any case why transaction in cash and not through bank account where records can be traced for tax purposes,” Sampa said.

The Matero Member of Parliament cautioned that Ministers should lead by example.

“APNAC therefore demands that Hichilema fires Kakubo and if cannot for whatever reason, the President will owe Zambians an explanation on why not,” Sampa demanded.

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