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Stop celebrating failure —APC leader, Msoni, tells President Hichilema


All Peoples’ Congress (APC) leader Nason Msoni has said President Hakainde Hichilema’s press conference offered more bragging than providing economic solutions.

Msoni said President Hichilema should desist from bragging about the political mandate in the absence of delivering deliverables to the Zambians.

“We assert that political mandate is not absolute but relative to the performance and subject to delivering deliverables to our people,” Msoni said in a statement on Monday.

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He said President Hichilema’s mandate should never be about starving people but improving their quality lifestyles as well as their economic circumstances.

Msoni stated that it was political mischief to brag about political mandate when citizens have no food and medicines in hospitals.

He said it was a missed opportunity for President Hichilema during a recently held press conference to give the country hope and a new direction moving forward.

Msoni said the percentages availed and illustrated at his press conference fail far short of translating into the actual reality obtained on the ground.

“At today’s prices thousands upon thousands of Zambians are going without food. And this is bound to get worse in the coming year as the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) was terribly mishandled by his government,” he said.

Msoni said the government’s laxity was potentially inflicting and rendering many Zambian families into food casualties in 2023,

He said in totality the overall performance of the government remained below par and completely uninspiring going forward.


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