Zambia to host Aviation Week Africa in 2024


Zambia is set to host the first ever Aviation Week Africa in 2024 at which over 500 delegates are expected to attend.

Chief Executive Officer, Helen Mwamba, announced that at least 54 exhibitors are also expected to exhibit during the event in the Southern hemisphere.

Mwamba made the announcement during the launch of the Aviation Week Africa in Lusaka on Friday, an event attended by the Zambia Airforce (ZAF), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Zambia Airports Corporation Limited( ZACL).

She noted that in an era of rapid technological advancement, global connectivity, and evolving threats, the need for synergy between civil and military Aviation had been more imperative.

“Together, we possess the ability to redefine the paradigms of safety, efficacy and progress. Let us embrace the opportunities to harmonise efforts, share expertise and foster a future where innovation knows no boundaries,” Mwamba stated.

She claimed that the event would be a catalyst that propels the country forward in a future where the skies are limitless and collaboration knows no bounds.

Officially launching the event, ZAF Commander, Lieutenant General, Collin Barry, noted that Africa’s skies had always been a canvas upon which dreams had taken flight.

Bally emphasized the need to forge alliances, nurture relationships, and pave the way for a future where collective efforts propel the country to new heights of excellence.

“The challenges and opportunities we face in African aviation are multifaceted. From enhancing safety standards and airspace management to bolstering regional connectivity and responding swiftly to emergencies, these tasks demand a unified approach,” he stated.

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Bally said collaboration between civil and military entities is not just a strategy; it is the cornerstone upon which a safer, more efficient, and more resilient aviation sector will be built.

The ZAF Commander noted that Africa’s aviation landscape was diverse, spanning multiple nations, culture and operational environments however, this diversity should be celebrated as a wellspring of innovation and shared learning.

“When civil aviation authorities, commercial airlines, and military air forces collaborate, leveraging their unique strengths and expertise, we unlock the potential for groundbreaking advancements,” he said.

Meanwhile, Civil Aviation Authority acting Director-General, Nathan Kaluba, noted that effective civil and military cooperation and collaboration was required not only to meet future civil and military air traffic requirements safety and security.

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