ZRA blocks attempt to evade K.8m tax, seizes smuggled boxes of dettol, trucks.


The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has reportedly seized over 4500 boxes of dettol and a superlink truck with trailers that were smuggled into the country.

Oliver Nzala, ZRA Corporate communications manager confirmed in a statement on Wednesday.

Nzala told the Zambia Monitor that the boxes of Dettol were smuggled through under declaration by the importer who claimed that they were carrying contraceptive sheath.

He said the new truck trailers were smuggled into the country by fixing old number plates on the trailers.

With this attempted smuggling, the Government would have lost over K800,000 in taxes,” Nzala said.

He requested members of the public to ensure that all goods have their duties paid for at the time of importing to avoid losing their goods for the offense of smuggling.

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“We salute and celebrate the majority of Zambians who have continued to pay their rightful share of taxes,” Nzala said.

He said their commitment to ZRA’s shared prosperity would continue securing the success of the country and future generations.

Nzala said ZRA would continue supporting payers as they endeavor to comply with tax laws.

“We call upon those who have not been complying with the law and therefore not paying their rightful share of taxes to come forward and do so,” he said.

He said the public should avoid the consequences of investigations and prosecution and seizure and detention of their goods.

“The truck/motor vehicle owners are required to know what their vehicles are carrying/conveying, the owner(s) of the goods and the actual destination where the goods are to be delivered,” Nzala said.

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