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Clergyman raises concern over abuses associated with digital rights and freedom of expression


Emmanuel Kalulu, a clergy member from the Brethren Christ Church in Choma, has expressed concerns about the misuse of media freedom and freedom of expression in Zambia.

Affiliated with the Kamuuza BIC congregation of the Brethren Christ Church, Kalulu, who also serves as a representative of Chief Chona in Monze District (Monze East), shared his thoughts on the state of these freedoms in Zambia.

In an exclusive interview with Zambia Monitor in Choma, Kalulu acknowledged the significant level of media freedom and freedom of expression in Zambia.

However, he highlighted instances where these liberties were being exploited to attack others.

“Some of us believe that this freedom is excessive because it has been abused. We’ve witnessed the misuse of the freedom of speech. People are speaking without considering their audience, uttering words that contribute to moral decay,” Kalulu said.

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He urged Zambians, including the media, to exercise restraint and responsibility in utilising the freedoms they currently enjoy.

“I implore fellow Zambians not to abuse these freedoms. Let’s stay within the bounds of respect and refrain from disrespecting others, even in times of disagreement,” Kalulu said.

Regarding the freedom of the press and any potential external influences, Kalulu noted that instances of harassment due to personal expressions seemed to have diminished compared to the past.

“When a leader announces plans to repeal laws on defamation of the President, what more evidence do we need? Individuals are quite free to express themselves; however, we’ve even seen instances of this freedom being misused,” Kalulu stated.

“Even journalists may feel unrestricted in their work, with few instances of interference. Thus, freedom of speech undoubtedly has its place in Zambia,” he concluded.

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