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Student activist advocates delicate balance between upholding citizens’ rights, cybersecurity law (Video)


Amidst the backdrop of emerging cybersecurity legislation in Zambia, Brian Bwalya, a resident of Chinsali District living with a disability, urges the government to find a delicate balance between ensuring cyberspace security and upholding citizens’ rights.

Speaking to Zambia Monitor, Bwalya, also a fourth-year student at Kapasa Makasa University, studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Science, Fisheries and Aquaculture spoke on the importance of protecting privacy rights as the government implements new laws concerning cyberspace.

Bwalya raised concerns about the potential infringement on citizens’ privacy posed by the Cybersecurity law, stressing that every individual had the right to privacy that should not be compromised by legislative measures.

Additionally, he voiced opposition to the proposed taxation on online political content, warning of its adverse impact on interest groups and communities, potentially hindering access to vital information.

The student activist illustrated the practical challenges such taxation would pose, especially for grassroots organizations reliant on digital platforms for advocacy and communication.

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He argued that such financial burdens could deter individuals from freely sharing political information, ultimately restricting access to crucial news and opinions.

Furthermore, Bwalya highlighted the importance of media freedom in fostering a democratic society, acknowledging government’s efforts in promoting press freedom and freedom of expression.

However, he underscored the need to address issues of political sponsorship within media houses, which can compromise journalistic integrity and lead to the abuse of media freedoms.

Bwalya’s advocacy underscored the fundamental principles of digital rights, urging policymakers to consider the broader implications of cybersecurity legislation on citizens’ rights and freedoms in the digital age.

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