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‘Anti-graft war is beyond rhetorics,’ Transparency Int’l seeks more action from Hichilema


Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has expressed disappointment with the lack of a comprehensive country strategy on the fight against corruption.

TIZ Executive Director, Maurice Nyambe, said President Hakainde Hichilema missed an opportunity to announce to the nation some of the measures his administration was implementing to deal with past, present, and future corruption during his address to Parliament.

Nyambe told Zambia Monitor that most of the issues on the fight against corruption that were raised sounded rhetorical because he had been saying them since he assumed office.

He emphasized that the pronouncements should be turned into action so that the stolen resources are recovered.

“It is not really just about what he says but the actualization and the putting into practice of what he says,” Nyambe said.

He said stakeholders were anxiously waiting to hear some of the interventions that are being put in place to fight or enhance the fight against corruption in the country.

“It was good to hear him emphasise something he has repeatedly said the fact there is no sacred cow but also the commitment that we will see an enhancement of the fight against corruption,” Nyambe said.

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He said Hichilema must give the country the direction which his administration would take in the fight against corruption because doing so would make it easy for stakeholders to join the fight and render their support effectively.

“We will give him the benefit of doubt and see whether most pronouncements he has been making will be actualised through implementation by various government institutions,” Nyambe said.

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