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Civic leader urges journalists to utilise media freedom responsibly


Aaron Musonda, a civic leader in Kasama District, has called on journalists in the country to leverage their media freedoms to shed light on various issues affecting citizens.

Musonda emphasized that media freedoms should not be exploited by producing stories that patronizing or biased towards those in government.

Speaking in an interview with Zambia Monitor in Kasama District, Northern Province, Musonda said:

“While I cannot definitively say whether the media is entirely free to conduct its work without constraints, it appears that, from my observations, there is a degree of freedom for journalists to carry out their duties.”

However, Musonda pointed out instances of biased reporting by certain journalists affiliated to particular media houses, often leading to repercussions, especially for those in private media outlets.

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He cautioned that journalists and their media organizations must not lose sight of their core responsibilities of informing, entertaining and educating the public by highlighting pertinent issues affecting society.

“It is through objective reporting and fair coverage that the governance structures can adequately address the numerous challenges facing the populace,” Musonda said.

Regarding the Cyber Security Act, Musonda urged the government to continue enacting legislation aimed at curbing abuses on social media platforms.

He expressed concern over the divisive nature of social media, noting an increase in the spread of hate speech, cyberbullying and tribalism.

“People are using social media platforms to hurl insults at leaders, religious figures and others, necessitating urgent action to address this concerning trend,” Musonda highlighted.

He underscored the importance of striking a balance between respecting individuals’ rights and safeguarding cyberspace users from abuse, bullying, or insults.

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