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Cyber bullying affecting freedom of expression in Zambia —Kapasa Makasa University student (Video)


Maria Kayumba, a second-year student at Kapasa Makasa University, has raised concerns over the increasing prevalence of cyberbullying in Zambia despite the enactment of the Cyber Security Act.

Kayumba, who is studying Information and Communications Technology, said that cyberbullying was hindering freedom of expression and media freedoms in the country.

Speaking from Chinsali District in Muchinga Province, Kayumba highlighted that numerous individuals, especially celebrities, face daily harassment online.

Despite the opportunity for people to engage in governance discussions through social media platforms like Facebook and others, many fear the repercussions.

In an interview with Zambia Monitor in Chinsali, Kayumba called on authorities such as the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) to intensify efforts to combat this growing trend.

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She noted that while people were increasingly engaging in political discourse, the fear of legal action discouraged critical commentary on government officials.

Addressing media’s coverage of marginalised communities, Kayumba affirmed that journalists collaborate with organizations implementing projects in rural areas.

She argued that media freedom existed in Zambia, as evidenced by the collaborations that shed light on the needs of underserved populations.

However, Kayumba also pointed the harassment of journalists as a significant challenge to media freedom and freedom of association.

She noted that journalists, both in mainstream media and on social media platforms, often live in fear for their safety, which hampers their ability to work effectively.

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