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Institute calls for responsible social media usage among youths


Smart Zambia Institute has reiterated the importance of youths to use social media responsibly.

Senior Business Applications Officer at the e-Government Division, Kamuvwi Lungu, emphasized the existence of strict measures on government communication platforms aimed at prohibiting users from posting profanity or engaging in abusive behavior.

This information was conveyed in a post reflecting on the digital transformation discussion held on the Smart Zambia official Facebook page on Tuesday.

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“These security measures are crucial for identifying and regulating individuals who violate these guidelines,” Smart Zambia stated.

The institute said the primary purpose of such policies was to maintain a respectful and constructive online environment while promoting responsible online behaviour among users.

“It served as a reminder of the importance of creating a safe and respectful online space while harnessing the benefits of social media for personal and professional growth,” it added.

The institute described social media as a powerful tool for communication and networking adding that it is a platform that requires careful monitoring and regulation to ensure a positive user experience.

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