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Student, Mulundu, calls for enhanced online security measures to combat cyberattack threats (Video)


In light of the escalating frequency of cyberattacks, Ngambo Mulundu, a third-year student at Kapasa Makasa University in Muchinga Province, is advocating for improved security measures to safeguard online users.

Mulundu, who is pursuing studies in sustainable agriculture, has observed a surge in incidents where individuals’ accounts on various platforms, including Twitter (now X), Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, are being compromised by hackers.

Speaking to Zambia Monitor in Chinsali, Mulundu expressed concern over the malicious intentions of these hackers, who exploit hacked accounts to disseminate inappropriate content such as p*rnography and unauthorized advertisements.

Commenting on media freedom and freedom of association, Mulundu defined media freedom as the unrestricted ability to express oneself, emphasizing its existence in Zambia.

“Media freedom is the ability to speak freely and for Journalists or social media outlets to be able to express themselves without undue influence or interference,” she said.

However, she highlighted a lack of diverse representation, particularly from marginalized communities in rural areas, which she said warrants attention and reform.

Mulundu noted that fear of legal repercussions and intimidation stifles individuals’ ability to freely express themselves, citing concerns over the Cyber Security Act.

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“People are scared of legal restrictions and threats from others. People are not freely being able to express themselves having that fear of being bullied,” she noted.

Mulundu criticized the government’s use of the act to monitor private communications, asserting that it infringes upon citizens’ rights to association and expression.

Advocating for a balanced approach, Mulundu called for enhancements to the Cyber Security Act, emphasizing the importance of incorporating robust security features to protect users while also addressing unlawful activities effectively.

“There is need to improve it and include more security features in order to protect users and not just punish those going against the law,” she advised.

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