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UKA women accuse President Hichilema of failing to end nepotism in government offices


The United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) Women’s Council has accused President Hakainde Hichilema of failing to eliminate nepotism in parastatal and government offices.

National Chair Lady, Faith Muntali, alleged that since 2022, experienced individuals have been losing their jobs due to favoritism towards relatives.

She made this accusation during a press briefing in Lusaka on Tuesday.

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“This has caused concern in our nation as qualified and experienced people are losing their positions based on tribal lines,” she said.

Muntali further alleged that experienced and qualified citizens were being sidelined, intimidated, and mistreated because they did not belong to the preferred tribes in the country.

“President Hichilema, we call on you to uproot this tree of nepotism,” Muntali urged.

She challenged Hichilema to review the details of employees in parastatal and public offices, including the names of the employees, date of employment or promotion, and the predecessor in the position.

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