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‘Cybersecurity law must be blind to personal biases,’ Chinsali District chief speaks on digital rights (Video)


Chief Nkula of Chinsali District, Muchinga Province, has voiced his concerns over the selective enforcement of cybersecurity laws by the government.

While acknowledging the importance of the Cybersecurity law, the traditional leader criticized its current implementation, citing discrepancies in its application.

In an interview with Zambia Monitor in Chinsali, Chief Nkula highlighted instances where individuals were inconsistently targeted for their social media activities, raising questions about the law’s impartiality.

“While the Cybersecurity law serves as a crucial deterrent against the misuse of social media, its selective enforcement undermines its effectiveness,” he said.

Chief Nkula stressed the need for equitable enforcement: “Consistency is key. If one individual faces consequences for their online behavior, others should be held to the same standard. The law must be blind to personal biases.”

“If I am held accountable for my social media posts, I expect others to face similar consequences. The law must be applied without bias,” he said.

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Furthermore, Chief Nkula called for heightened security measures to safeguard personal online accounts against hacking attempts and malicious activities.

In addressing media freedom and freedom of expression, the traditional leader urged for the enactment of laws that unequivocally protect journalists and the media.

“Media freedom and freedom of expression are fundamental pillars of democracy. We must ensure that journalists are able to carry out their duties without fear of reprisal,” he asserted.

Chief Nkula expressed dismay over the arrest of journalists, emphasizing the negative impact on press freedom and the public’s right to information.

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